The Trophy

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The elegant trophy of the Thailand Golf Championship was famously designed by renowned designer and craftsman Edward Asprey in his workshop in Sheffield, England, and bears his initials ‘EA’. Edward Asprey has created numerous trophies for the sporting world, including the English Premier League Football Cup, the World Cup Cricket and the European Tour Golfer of the Year Trophy, to name just three.

The meticulous details on the sterling silver trophy took three artisans approximately 400 hours to create with the Royal crest alone, which is decorated with fired vitreous enamels, requiring over 50 hours of diligent effort by a highly skilled silverware master.

The 925-parts-per-thousand-pure sterling silver masterpiece was previously presented to the 2011, 2012 and 2013 champions of the prestigious Thailand Golf Championship, Lee Westwood, Charl Schwartzel and Sergio Garcia respectively.

The Thailand Golf Championship Trophy was designed by the renowned Edward Asprey of London, who was so inspired by the beautiful lines and colours of the Thai Royal Crest, that he decided the trophy should have a smooth, tall and elegant form of timeless design, in order to display the Royal Crest to its highest advantage.
The TGC Trophy is made of 4.1 kg of silver and stands 70 cm in height. The Royal Crest is gold-plated silver, enameled with molten glass of glorious hues, and has been affixed to the upper portion of the trophy for greatest visibility and effect.